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Caroline Smith

Sat, November 22, Doors: 8:00 pm - Show: 9:00 pm - 21+ - $12  Artist Website
The Vaudeville Mews presents...
Merging '90s R&B and neo-soul with her indie-rock roots, Caroline Smith's new music has settled comfortably into a new backdrop as she takes a step from girl to woman. Half About Being a Woman is a record about self-acceptance and growing into yourself; it's about going back to the roots of 'feel-good' music. "I wanted to find my way back to the reason why I started playing music in the first place," says Smith. "Over the last year I began to embrace that being a strong, confident, opinionated woman is something to be proud of, not subdued. I have to embrace where my roots are and stay true to who I am: an unabashed fan of 90′s R&B, pop, and neo-soul."
Karen Meat and the Players

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Rappin' Toys

Sun, November 23, Doors: 5:00 pm - Show: 5:30 pm - All Ages - $5
benefit concert


Sun, November 23, Doors: 9:30 pm - Show: 10:00 pm - 21+ - $5  Artist Website
The Vaudeville Mews presents...
Pageant has the heart of a painter, the mind of a tailor, and the soul of an astronaut tumbling home with a starlit guitar. As describes this folk-rock band from Nashville, "Pageant plays songs based in old-school country, '50s girl-pop, and perky piano indie-popů A fascinating and engaging amalgam." Lead singer-songwriter Derek Porter's rich, contemplative voice and guitar intermingles with his sister Erika's lilting vocals, guitar, and ukelele to create a lush tapestry of moving and playful music. Additional songwriting and instrumentation from Stephen Allbritten and Nick Frampton round out this collection of curious poets.
Paige Harpin Group
The Host Country

Gemini Syndrome

Mon, November 24, Doors: 5:30 pm - Show: 5:30 pm - All Ages - $15
Metro Concerts Live presents...
Bursting on the scene, comes Gemini Syndrome from Los Angeles. And by bursting that is no understatement. Although only officially a band since January 2010, they are poised to become the next big thing happening in music. Their spectacular live show, brilliant musicianship accompanied by Aaron Nordstrom's melodic voice that still retains that metal edge, have raised the bar in the Los Angeles rock scene.
One Cold July
The Point Past Insanity

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Victory Heights

Tue, November 25, Doors: 5:00 pm - Show: 5:45 pm - All Ages - $5  Artist Website
The Vaudeville Mews presents...
Victory Heights has made their name as one of the most anticipated, up and coming unsigned American post-hardcore acts of 2012. The band has set out to steal hearts all around the world. Their charisma and personality, combined with their catchy yet honest and hard hitting music has made their goal a reality. They make a point of representing themselves as a positive and fun group of people. The quintet is characterized by a critically acclaimed an energetically unmatched live show. They have found their musical niche on the fine line between hard hitting metal core and bouncy, fun pop music. It is no mystery that the music industry is one of the toughest to succeed in. However, one thing is clear to anyone who has seen the band perform or listened to their music: Victory Heights is here to stay. Victory Heights is more than a band; it is more than five dudes on stage playing music; it is more than CD's and shows; Victory Heights is a movement. Expect big things from these boys.
A Better Reality
Lake of Fat Kids


Fri, November 28, Doors: 5:00 pm - Show: 5:45 pm - All Ages - $5  Artist Website
The Vaudeville Mews presents...
515 are a five piece band from Johnston, Iowa comprised of Shane and Kyle Burgess, Troy Ikeda, Spencer Jenkins, and Michael Gedden. They play alternative rock music. They have recently produced an EP called There's Gnome Place Like Home which is available on Itunes, Amazon, and Spotify. 515 has played many local shows in the Des Moines area and are always looking for more ways to share their music.
Not By Blood


Fri, November 28, Doors: 9:30 pm - Show: 10:00 pm - 21+ - $8  Artist Website
The Vaudeville Mews presents...
Coolzey, also known as Zachary Eli Lint, was born in Des Moines in 1976 and raised in central Iowa in the 80s and 90s. Following a childhood obsession with 'Weird' Al Yankovic, Zachary cultivated a deep love for hip hop and rap in his youth. Zachary taught himself to loop samples on cassette decks to make rudimentary beat tapes, then acquired a no-memory, 8-second Gemini sampler in high school before graduating to the Akai MPC as his beat-making instrument of choice. As he became an adult his interest in music expanded to all genres, but especially rock and roll.
Belly Belt
Ramona & the Slimdudes

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