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James McCartney
The Multiple Cat
The Hooten Hallers
Dead Soldiers
Matthew James & The Rust Belt Union
Electric Six
In The Whale
The Done Wonders
Stuart Davis
Twins (record release)
Devin Frank's Vanishing Blues Band
The Blendours
The Devil Wears Prada
Words Like Daggers
The Point Past Insanity
Yellow Eyes
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American Head Charge

Fri, June 24, Doors: 5:00 pm - Show: 5:30 pm - All Ages - $16
Metro Concerts Live presents...
The members of American Head Charge slam home their unique brand of maniacally heavy music with a fury you can't deny. They make music as if their very lives depended on it, which indeed they do. Ask main-men Chad Hanks (guitar) and Martin Cock (vocals) what drives them to make sounds this impossibly raw and intense and the answer is simple: "If we weren't doing this, we'd be dead."
Apathy Syndrome
Katastrophe's Tomb

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Lady and The Gentlemen

Fri, June 24, Doors: 9:30 pm - Show: 10:00 pm - 21+ - $5  Artist Website
The Vaudeville Mews presents...
Lady and the Gentlemen presents a heart-warming Americana sound filled with the love of soul. While pushing the envelope as musicians and simultaneously remembering the roots of great American music, Lady and the Gentlemen will move you not only musically, but will inspire sentiment.
Weekends with Forrest

Too Broke For The Arts Festival 2016

Sat, June 25, Doors: 2:00 pm - Show: 2:00 pm - All Ages - $5  Artist Website
Kelsey Magnolia presents...
Saturday, June 25, 2016 at the Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines, IA, come out for a *free* art show from 2-5pm featuring a wide variety of art from a wide variety of local artists! Then stick around from 5-9pm for a $5 Hot-n-Shreddy show featuring sleazy tunes from greasy dudes.
Traffic Death

James McCartney

Sat, June 25, Doors: 9:30 pm - Show: 10:00 pm - 21+ - $15  Artist Website
The Vaudeville Mews presents...
Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter James McCartney has remained fiercely dedicated to his musical vision of melding smart hooks and feral alt-rock with the grandeur and spiritually centeredness of psychedelic music. Now, he issues the sharpest entry of his vision, the majestic The Blackberry Train engineered by Steve Albini (Nirvana, The Pixies and PJ Harvey). "It's all been an evolution," James says. "This set of songs definitely has a harder edge, but it's a continuation of the last album. The main thing for me is to not conform or compromise."
The Multiple Cat

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Sun, June 26, Doors: 8:30 pm - Show: 9:00 pm - 21+ - $10  Artist Website
The Vaudeville Mews presents...
With influences as disparate as Coil, Pavement & Saul Williams there are almost no boundaries to how one describes the sound of Curta. Between lyrical wit & dexterous production this post-something duo brings an energy & focus to both live shows & recordings that honors the effort and time poured into crafting their entirely self produced & unique approach to songs.
Ryan Nixon

515 residency

Mon, June 27, Doors: 6:00 pm - Show: 6:30 pm - All Ages - $0  Artist Website
Weekly Mews presents...
515 is a five piece band from Johnston consisting of Kyle Burgess (guitar/backup vocals), Shane Burgess (drums/backup vocals), Michael Gedden (bass), Troy Ikeda (keyboard, and Spencer Jenkins (lead vocals). Playing alternative rock inspired by the grunge scene of the 90's and the modern eclectic indie rock sound, 515 has played shows at venues such as House of Bricks, Vaudeville Mews, at community events such as the Dam to Dam, and has played live on television for KCWI's Great Day. You can buy their EP, There's Gnome Place Like Home,
Kenny Arnold


Tue, June 28, Doors: 5:00 pm - Show: 5:45 pm - All Ages - $8  Artist Website
Metal Up Your Tap presents...
Castle was forged in San Francisco in 2009 and released their debut full-length, In Witch Order, on Germany's Ván Records in 2011. The album brought light to the newly-formed band and earned them "Album Of The Year" honors from Metal Hammer Norway, as well as Roadburn Festival's "Newcomer Of The Year." Shortly thereafter, the band joined the Prosthetic Records roster in North America and released their critically-adored sophomore album Blacklands. The record left to a Canadian JUNO nomination for "Metal/Hard Music Album Of The Year." CASTLE performed over two-hundred shows worldwide in support of the release alongside the likes of The Sword, Conan, Intronaut and Pentagram among many others as well as appearances at some of the underground's largest fests including Roadburn and the London and Berlin Desertfests.
Skin Of Earth

Pale Dian

Wed, June 29, Doors: 5:00 pm - Show: 5:45 pm - All Ages - $5  Artist Website
The Vaudeville Mews presents...
Pale Dian is Ruth Ellen, DK, and Nicholas Volpe. They make noisy dreampop based in Austin, Texas. Formed in 2015, they ride the ashes of their previous project, Blackstone Rngrs, into smudgier, esoteric terrains. The debut LP Narrow Birth is set for a 2016 release via Manifesto Records, the current home of Dead Kennedys, legendary psyche-pop band the Turtles, and modern signees Puro Instinct, Cellars, Band Aparte, and Drinking Flowers.

Chachi on Acid

Wed, June 29, Doors: 9:30 pm - Show: 10:00 pm - 21+ - $5  Artist Website
Chuck Hoffman presents...
Chachi On Acid is a legendary band from Southern Ontario that you've probably never heard of. They've been kicking their snotty, punk anthems out for almost twenty years now, I imagine...This whole thing reeks of punk in Canada many years back. It's a real time capsule, and it's great-don't forget that part. I mean, provided you have a sense of humor. –Steve Adamyk
Captain Three Leg
Rabble Rouser

The Hooten Hallers

Thu, June 30, Doors: 8:30 pm - Show: 9:00 pm - 21+ - $7  Artist Website
The Vaudeville Mews presents...
The Hooten Hallers are a blues, soul, and rock n' roll band from Columbia, MO. They are: John Randall (Guitar/Vocals), Andy Rehm (Drums/Vocals) and Kellie Everett (Bass & Baritone Saxophones). Known for their raucous live shows and influenced heavily by the canon of American roots music, this hard touring band does everything in their power to bring that music to you. They have produced a number of self-releases since forming in 2007, but most recently released Greetings from Welp City(2012) and Chillicothe Fireball(2014) on Big Muddy Records. With another release brewing for 2015, The Hooten Hallers have every intention of driving 'til the wheels fall off.
Dead Soldiers
Matthew James & The Rust Belt Union

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